The elderly man, 74, was seen shivering in the make-shift coffin via a viral video.

An Indian man presumed to be dead was put in a freezer to await his last rites, only to awaken the next day.

74-year-old Balasubramaniya Kumar was gravely sick in his hometown of Kandhampatti when his brother, Saravanan, thought he had passed away after he appeared to stop moving on Monday. The family then called a company that specializes in mobile frozen containers to preserve Kumar’s body, according to The New India Express.

When a technician arrived around 24 hours later to retrieve the freezer, he noticed Kumar was still breathing. Family members were alerted and, upon arrival at Kumar’s residence, were shocked to discover signs of life inside the make-shift coffin.

In a chilling video that went viral (above), Kumar was seen shivering in the translucent freezer as a man, later identified as Saravanan, is heard in the background saying his sibling is dead, per The Independent. Another voice claims Kumar is moving.

“His hands are trembling, how?” the unidentified man asked, as Saravanan claimed it was seizures.

“How can that be possible if he’s dead?” the man asked.

Saravanan replied, “His soul has not left him yet.”

According to the news source, Kumar was immediately removed from the freezer and rushed to the hospital.

“He’s responding to treatment and cooperating,” Dr. R. Balajnathan told the Times of India.

Inspectors said they have opened a case against Saravanan for declaring his brother dead “without a proper medical check,” per The Independent.

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