She had a wardrobe re-function

A Ukrainian woman came up with a cheeky way around coronavirus rules.

The customer at a post office in Kiev was filmed taking off her underwear to use as a mask after being denied service.

Leaked CCTV footage shows the unidentified female walking into the Novaya Poshta branch in the capital and showing her receipt on her cellphone.

But the teller refused to serve her on the basis she was not wearing a facemask, as required in all public buildings as part of the country’s COVID-19 response.

Frustrated, the quick-thinking — and clearly not shy — customer immediately whips off her trousers, followed by her underwear, right in the middle of the post office.

She then slips the removed panties over her face for a make-shift mask, complete with two comically-oversized eyeholes, before once again asking the teller for assistance, as if nothing had happened.

Indeed, the room full of customers around her barely seem to have noticed her wardrobe re-function.

According to local media reports, the employee then acquiesced to her request.

The post office confirmed the incident, and said it had no problem with the behavior of the client.

It did however have a problem with the leaked footage; an internal audit tracked down the employee who filmed the security footage on their mobile phone, whose dismissal from the company is now under consideration.

The company did not say which — if any — of the people heard giggling while watching the recorded footage is the one whose job is on the line.

To date, Ukraine has recorded almost 22,000 cases of COVID-19, and 658 deaths.

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