She swings the terrified pet by its neck like a nunchuck, beating the woman across the head with her own pet.

Police in Canada are investigating after a woman was caught swinging a puppy on a leash as a weapon.

An insane dash cam video captured by a motorist in Dartmouth, Halifax showed a female motorist taking the dog from its owner before beating her over the head with her own pet.

The incident occurred on July 1, when police responded to reports of an altercation between four women.

“The altercation started after two females in one vehicle confronted two females in the second vehicle regarding being cut off in a drive-thru,” Halifax police said.

One video circulating on social media shows the moment the argument breaks out; the two vehicles are stopped with their wings right against each other, as one driver roars in through the window at the other, before the two begin exchanging blows.

But the second video, filmed by a motorist waiting behind, shows one of the drivers grabbing the other’s puppy by its leash, and dragging it by the neck towards her car.

When the owner pursues her to try get the pet back, the first driver swings the tiny dog by its leash like a nunchuck, smashing the terrified animal into the side of its owner’s head.

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